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Increment Solutions is an overseas educational consultant's organisation dedicated towards providing services to Indian students in making educational avenues abroad accessible to them.

Increment Solutions, overseas education consultants is a premier esteemed and highly professional consultancy organization engaged in career counseling and providing authentic guidance to Indian students seeking higher education overseas. We have processes large number of students who have been successfully placed in different institutions at Universities all over the globe.

Overseas educational consultants take care of all application aches. We ensure that you are applying to the educational institution that best fits your profile and that your application is complete. Our personalized services includes student VISA COUNSELING too.

Increment Solutions, overseas educational consultant's counselors can guide you and your parents through the entire process of arranging your studies abroad from selecting a course, an institution and ensuring that you arrive safely at your chosen destination.

At Increment Solutions we believe in complete student satisfaction.

To get your career on the roll, call on our office to schedule a free counseling session with our counselor.

Vision: To provide the highest quality services and support for its clients, in tune with its Quality Policy, objectives and values.

Values: Our core values are Integrity, Care, Innovation, Passion and Trust.


Indian students are always enterprising. With their keenness to explore new frontiers, they have embraced 'Overseas Education' strongly. Especially in the past decade, the number of Indian students going abroad to study has increased tremendously.

It will be exciting to note that India has sent the largest number of students to the USA, even during 2007-08, which makes this seventh year in a row. We have been sending the largest number of students. 94,563 students from India went to the USA during 2007-08

To UK, India has sent 23,835 students in 2007-08, which is only second to China. For Australia, 63,604 Indian students went during 2007, which again is next only to China. In other words, India is in the top two positions in sending its students to top destinations the world over.

What do they get out of an opportunity like this?

Well there are, actually, many advantages that the Indian youth perceive in a foreign school experience. There could be hundreds of reasons why a student would want to Study Abroad and we have listed some of the most important ones here:

  • Gain a global perspective and broaden your horizons by experiencing the various cultures of the world.
  • Cultivate a global network of social contacts.
  • Improve your social and communication skills.
  • Develop independence and acquire proficient problem- solving skills.
  • Learn new technology and explore new concepts and ideas.
  • Become a more well- rounded individual primed for better prospects.
  • Become a global citizen.

Academically Speaking

Students are attracted to technological nations such as USA, UK and Australia, where they look forward to a different experience as well as better job prospects. The academic programs that these nations offer are excellent and you will benefit from any one of them immensely. Here are some attractive qualities of these academic programs that you should take into consideration.

  • Some programs give you the opportunity to interact directly with some of the finest minds in their chosen traditional/professional disciplines.
  • Others may give you a chance to gain work experience thereby improving your job prospects for example sandwich programs etc.
  • Different universities will have different teaching styles. While some focus more on exams, others may consist of lots of group work and module assignments. You can choose the university that best suits your learning style.
  • There are universities that are flexible in their courses and in their modules. If you are one of those people who is not sure this would be a great option for you. The university will allow you to change in the first month.
  • You will have the opportunity to develop strong relationships with your faculty and fellow students as you work and learn from both.
  • There is an emphasis on imparting practice-oriented education. This generates valuable employment-related skills in you as a student.
  • The avenues for interdisciplinary research and training are better explored in the west than in India.

The predominant principles and practices of the system for higher education abroad have something for everyone from even the most diverse walks of life.

The points mentioned above are just some benefits of the academic opportunities abroad. There are, in fact, many more.

Our Technological World

We are living in a world where information is accessed and shared in nanoseconds. The better connectivity translates directly into a competitive edge. Whatever your field of study, most universities abroad equip you with the latest technology. You will use their technology to obtain and process both subject-specific and general information. On these lines, many universities abroad remain unmatched. The technological skills that you obtain will open doors for you in the job market.

Your Social Life

Most universities abroad provide you with a whole set of extra-curricular activities that you can choose to do. If you are a person who is very interested in sports, for example, you will find that some universities have excellent sport facilities that you can benefit from. Other people may be attracted to theatre, or music facilities. Some of you may want to join a university in an urban area which will provide you with entertainment, shopping and cultural facilities whereas others may be attracted to a rural area university. All in all, universities abroad provide a rich variety of activities as part of their campus life. These factors add a unique dimension to your educational and cross-cultural experience.

The Value of Adapting

As a foreigner in a different nation you will learn to adapt to a culture that is completely different from yours. As globalization is on the rise companies are looking to spread internationally. They will value the skills that you gain from adapting to a different culture.

Choosing Your University

Here are some factors that will affect your choice in universities

  • Academic experience
  • Tuition expenditure
  • Cost of living
  • Cultural encounters
  • Internship opportunities
  • Work Permit access in the study destination you choose after completing the studies
  • Career aspirations
  • Available options for study
  • Permanent residency options upon graduation


  • Identification of Universities and Colleges
  • Assistance in Filling of Application forms
  • Assistance in Documentation for Admission
  • Regular follow-up with Universities and colleges
  • Assistance in Securing Student Scholarship from the respective universities/colleges
  • Assistance in securing Educational loans
  • Assistance in Visa Documentation
  • Mock Visa interviews



Increment Solutions provides Marketing Recruitment support/solutions that get breakthrough results by reaching the people that truly matter. As a result-oriented student recruitment solution company we assist and support institutes to build and expand new & present business in the field of Student Recruitment in the Indian market and in Nepal and Sri Lanka. We use effective channels and tools to meet today are marketing recruitment objectives. Increment Solutions focuses on the right market areas shortening institutes recruitment cycle. The commitment that Increment Solutions has shown towards informing students and creating awareness about the prospects of further education abroad has allowed it to venture in collaborations with Universities in India, enabling Increment Solutions to build a strong working relationship with them. We have highly trained professionals in the field of counseling, communications and education support providing the highest quality care. Our counselors who guide students through maze of questions and find the best suitable educational option for their profile and constraints, provide excellent advice on choosing courses that match the students educational background, personal goals, and constraints helping aspiring students in career possibilities. Apart from assessing the student's knowledge of spoken and written English we pay special attention to his/her application forms and highlight the key areas for a well-presented and error-free case to the educational institutes. This activity ensures better chances of consideration of candidature.

Below are our moralities:

Honest: Honesty is our policy. We promise and then we deliver the same. We are fair and sincere.

High Esteem: We always respect and uplift the high esteem of individuals.

Crystal Clear: All our processes are a see-through and we are crystal clear about our functioning. We always keep our relationship with our customers straightforward.

Professional: We abide professionalism as our way of doing work. We adopted the best practices in the industry.

Distinct: We constantly look out ways to improve the standards of our services.

Empower: We will always strive to enable our entire customer to achieve their best.

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